Best Windows Freeware – Programming


    1. Frhed – Hex editor.
    2. ActiveGrid Studio – ActiveGrid Studio enables developers to rapidly build enterprise-level Web 2.0 applications with a minimum of training, time, and effort. Supports Java, PHP, Python. The database supports is the best I’ve seen in an open IDE. Has built-in Python and Java environments plus a built-in running Apache web server. Highly recommended.
    3. Aptana – Development environment geared towards web development, Ajax-style! Autocomplete and assistance for HTML, CSS, JavaScript.

  1. Balthisar Cascade 2.0 – CSS level 2 editor available for the Windows platform.
  2. BlitzMax IDE – Basic programming IDE for use with the Blitz game development environment.
  3. Boa Constructor – A visual GUI designer and IDE for Python
  4. Code:Blocks – The IDE with all the features you need, having a consistent look, feel and operation across platforms.
  5. Cooktop – XML editor.
  6. Cream – A modern configuration of the powerful and famous Vim, with full GUI.
  7. Eclipse – Eclipse Java IDE for Windows. It can be extended into many other platforms.
  8. Entice – Entice Designer is a Form Designer for DFL and a rich code editor and is on the path to becoming an IDE. D programming language
  9. Envelop VBasic – Visual Basic clone; compiles to exe, GUI designer!
  10. FarPy – Awesome wxPython and.Net GUI designer.
  11. Flashdevelop – Actionscript 2 IDE with seamless swfmill and MTASC integration. FlashDevelop is the first alternative opensource IDE to feature AS3 & MXML completion, including Flex2 compiler integration (the best compiler integration after Adobe FB) and AS3 syntax checking. Highly recommended. Requires .Net.
  12. GNUStep objective C – Objective C lib, compilers, etc.
  13. Groovy – Groovy is an agile, dynamic programming language for the Java Virtual Machine. Groovy includes features found in Python, Ruby, and Smalltalk, but uses syntax similar to the Java programming language.
  14. Haste – Haskell TurboEdit – is an IDE for the functional programming language Haskell, written in Haskell.
  15. IronPythonIDE – IronPython IDE is a GUI application written in C#. It is dedicated to the IronPython language which is a .NET implementation of the Python language. It is aimed at providing a nice, easy, full-featured development environment for IronPython. Read up on or download IronPython.
  16. IronPythonStudio – IronPython Studio is a free full IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for the Python programming language. It is based on the existing IronPython example that is included in the VS SDK. IronPython Studio is based on the Visual Studio 2008 Shell runtime (royalty free) and can be installed without requiring any version of Visual Studio.
  17. Komodo Edit – Free, feature-rich editor for JavaScript, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, and Tcl, on Linux, Mac OS X and Windows.
  18. Lazarus – Delphi/Kylix like programming environment using Pascal, compiles to exe and includes GUI designer.!
  19. NVU – HTML WYSIWYG editor, supports CSS, Javascript, etc. Highly recommended.
  20. Netbeans – IDE with the following features and language support Ajax | C/C++ | Databases | Debugger | Desktop | Editor | GUI Builder | Java EE | Java ME | Java SE | Javascript | Mobile | Profiler | Refactor | REST | Rich Client Platform | Ruby | SOA | SOAP | UML | Web | WSDL | XML.
  21. OpenLaszlo – Flash creation, plus much more. Kind of like Macromedia Flex. For everything, you need for this visit my Laszlo article.
  22. PyScripter – A very powerful, full-featured, professional Python IDE written in Delphi. Highly recommended.
  23. Python Enthought edition – Scientific power packed Python install! This has wxWindows installed by default.
  24. Python for Photoshop – Python Actions Plug-in for Adobe Photoshop
  25. Python programming language! – So much power and easy to pick up! Has an included programming editor/IDE called PythonWin.exe
  26. RadRails – Ruby On Rails IDE.
  27. Rec – Decompiler, breaks exe files into C/C++ code.
  28. SPE – If your a Python programmer working on Mac or Windows and you’re looking for a kick-ass IDE Spe is for you! Highly recommended.
  29. Scite – A free source code editor for Win32 and X.
  30. Selenium – Web application test tool. Tests run directly in a browser, including Internet Explorer, Mozilla, and Firefox. Supported platforms Windows, Linux, and Macintosh. Languages include C#, Python, PHP, Ruby, etc.
  31. Sepy – Flash Actionscript IDE. This is really nice! Has class list, autocomplete, and compiler. Highly recommended.
  32. SharpDevelop – IDE for C# and VB.NET projects on Microsoft’s .NET platform.
  33. SimpleCSS – CSS Editor.
  34. Spket – IDE for JavaScript, XUL/XBL and Yahoo! Widget development. It provides features like code completion, syntax highlighting and content outline that helps developers productively create efficient JavaScript code. Supports Laszlo and Silverlight. Requires Java.
  35. TSWebeditor – HTML/PHP IDE. Has FTP, projects, and CSS support built in. Very nice! Highly recommended.
  36. Vex – Vex is an editor for XML documents. The “visual” part comes from the fact that Vex hides the raw XML tags from the user, providing instead a wordprocessor-like interface. Because of this, Vex is best suited for “document-style” XML documents such as XHTML and DocBook rather than “data-style” XML documents.
  37. WXWindows – BOA uses wxWindows backend
  38. Webniac – HTML editor, CSS, ETC.
  39. Xerlin – XML editor.
  40. Xinha – HTML editor also has a Firefox extension.
  41. ConText – Programmers text editor, supports most languages, shell scripts, plugin support.
  42. Crimson editor – Programmers text editor. Features tabbed interface, HTML, PHP, c, python syntax highlighting, code output window, and built-in FTP! Highly recommended.
  43. Jedit – Jedit is a mature and well-designed programmer’s text editor with a big focus on Java. Has nice Jython support!
  44. Notepad++ – Notepad replacement with tabs, plugins, no file size limit. Highlights many languages included Python, Java, Html, etc. Highly Recommended.
  45. AutoIt – task automation programming
  46. SciTE4AutoIt3 – text editor for AutoIt
  47. AutoHotkey – task automation
  48. PHP Designer – PHP editor
  49. PSPad – text editor
  50. FoxEditor – text editor
  51. Elfima Notepad – text editor
  52. Notepad2 – text editor
  53. Nvu – HTML editor
  54. Alleycode – HTML editor
  55. BlockNote (now HTML Notepad) – web page editor
  56. Weaverslave – web page editor
  57. TortoiseSVN – the best windows SVN client at your fingertips.
  58. Visual Studio Community – Read the exclusive changes in Visual Studio Community Edition. A free edition of Visual Studio with the features of a full phase .Net web development IDE. A must have.

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