The Best 5 Casino Bonuses That Have Been Left in the Past

An important aspect of any online casino is the different bonuses and promotions offered to new players. Nearly every casino provides some sort of incentives to players to get them to sign up on their portals. When it comes to choosing a site to play, many gamblers look for the different kinds of bonuses being provided to them after checking for the list of games available on the website. Today, there are a large number of casino houses in the online domain that are vying with each other to get a share of the market and potential gamblers. While providing bonuses can be helpful in getting new customers but providing the right kind of bonuses definitely takes a casino a notch above the rest.

Claiming the right kind of bonus can always be a hassle for players especially the ones who are trying their hand for the first time in an online casino. You can make use of 32red casino bonus codes for great bonuses and credits. There are different things one ought to know about availing casino promos including:

  • Sign up bonuses that you come across on major casinos are perhaps the best and most profitable kinds of bonuses that you can come across.
  • You will receive your bonus only after you make a certain deposit on your account.
  • Claiming online casino bonuses help you stay in the game for a longer duration of time.
  • There are different wagering requirements as well on casinos nowadays that you ought to fulfill before withdrawing your money.
  • Players ought to read all the terms and conditions before enrolling themselves to any particular site.

Apart from the standard promos that you received nowadays on such portals, these bonuses were completely unheard of a decade back. In this post, we will take a look at the best 5 casino bonuses of the past that are rare to find nowadays.

1. Non-Cashable Sticky Bonuses

Sticky bonuses are what you receive from a casino and allow you to place bets but the money is necessarily not yours to keep. Even though a player can’t keep the money for themselves, it still has its own advantages as it allows you to play the games on the site without actually having to make a deposit. As soon as you have made the necessary wagering requirements, you can then withdraw your earnings from your registered account. However, the sticky bonus that was provided to you initially will be then withdrawn from your current winnings. This method is now seldom used by portals online nowadays.

2. Cashable Sticky Bonus

This is the exact opposite of non-cashable sticky bonuses. Casinos provide players with the money required to place the bets on the site and also allow them to keep all winnings from such an amount. Most websites in the past did not have strict wagering requirements and certain players did manage to capitalize from the same. The cashable sticky bonus is all but a distant casino bonus rarely used by portals.

3. Cashback Bonus

Many casinos in the past provided this option for their patrons and new customers. It simply meant that players could get a matching amount as the same as their deposit money. Suppose you deposit €500 upon registering, now this shall automatically become €1000 to play with. This method is prevalent today as well but is not preferable. Some sites offering it now have a certain cap on the amount that players can match and cannot exceed that particular amount.

4. High Roller Bonus

There are always some folks who love to gamble big and don’t wish to be confined with standard deposit amounts. In the past, high roller bonus was pretty common amongst casinos and provided for players to indulge in large caps. These high rollers maintained a separate account for all their gambling endeavours. As time progressed and gambling laws changed, websites had to adhere to them and put a stop to this practice. In the UK, The UK Gambling Commission oversees this and strictly asks for providers to adhere to the laws set up by the country in order to avoid misuse or abuse of funds. There, however, are still some portals operating with high roller caps with a separate VIP program in place. Most of it is simple to adhere to and requires gamblers to play more on the portal in order to join the VIP programme.

5. Payment Method Bonus

The previous decade saw many new casinos springing up all across the world. Payment methods were scarce at that point of time and gamblers remained hesitant at the sight of new options being provided to them. This led many casinos to offer some kind of incentives on the use of a new payment method for making deposits. This could be in the form of extra spins or extra money to the tune of 20% using a new payment method.  This has become increasingly scarce nowadays and rarely any casino makes use of this form of a bonus anymore.

Online casinos have come a long way since they first came to the mainstream. Today, websites make use of a plethora of different promotions in order to lure customers and new players. Make sure to read the terms and conditions carefully before signing up on any portal.

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