Berjaya LoveMeDo Top 7 Contestants Blog is live now

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I’ve been working on the Berjaya Top 7 Contestants Blog from last week and January 16 2009 midnight it went live. Based on the most popular extensible blog engine wordpress. The design and Implementation together took me 5 complete days to implement. What is Berjaya LoveMeDo website is about?

Introducing Malaysia’s first online public voting wedding contest, where one lucky couple will stand a chance to win a sponsored beach wedding reception of their dreams at Berjaya Langkawi Beach & Spa Resort.

The contest website is and the Top contestants blog is

Even the blog design looks so simple but it ain’t simple at all. This blog consists of 7 contestants author. Each of them have their own landing page. The CSS is designed with CSS2 + CSS3 and XHTML standards. Supports Gravatar, Reply and Quotes in Comments. It displays the contestants icons beside each post details. Features anti-spam engine and schematic authoring and formatting tools. Customized backend features but retaining platform upgrade possibility without losing customization. All authors are able to post but their posts will be moderated.

Here is the sneak peak

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