IFTTT – The Ultimate Internet Automation Tool

Established in late 2011, this relatively new service ‘Internet to work’ for you. The creators of IFTTT observed the digital world of the internet around them, and realised how they could make things simpler for a user to collect, share & collate information across social platforms with ease. The way that this is achieved is through “triggers and actions” chosen by the user. Much of what IFTTT achieves could be done through various APIs, but the level of integration offered, along with ease of use, is unprecedented.

Now, ask yourself a few simple questions:

  • Do you use social networking tools in a daily basis (Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube)?
  • Do you find yourself uploading a photo or sharing same messages on twitter and facebook?
  • Do you wish your instagram photos to be posted on tumblr or flickr automagically?
  • Do you wish get something done when one of your email, favourite blog or social network site gets updated?

If any of the above you ever wanted to do then IFTTT will make the magic possible for you. Let us have a quick understanding of IFTTT and how it works.

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Top Threats for Small Business in Social Media Activity

Social media is very hot right now! Everyone and anyone seems to be utilizing these sites, and small businesses are hopping aboard sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ so that they can be where the customers are.

These social media channels are great tools for small businesses. They help to build your brand, find new customers, and connect with your existing customers in a way that you simply cannot otherwise. You should definitely be using social networks for your business, but you need to know that social media activity is not without its risks to your small business. The following are the top threats for small business in social media that you need to watch out for.

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Top 5 Affordable Tablets

There’s been a lot of talk surrounding tablet computers recently, following the announcement by Microsoft that they are to release their own version, ‘Surface’, within the next few months.

Whilst speculation is rife as to whether the makers of Windows will present a real challenge to Apple’s iPad, which presently makes up 68% of the tablet market, these two will not be the only choices available to consumers, although you’d think so by the amount of fuss generated in the media.

Below are five further tablets to consider, all priced within a decent range – of course, the choice you make will depend largely on what you want to use the device for and whether it’s suitable for you.

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Rising Importance of Pinterest for Entrepreneurs

What is Pinterest?

There are so many social media websites, nowadays. However, there is a unique addition to this community- Pinterest. No one can deny the fact that Facebook and Twitter are much more popular than Pinterest. However, Pinterest is unique in its own way and it is a new website. This is a photo-sharing website that is based on pin boards. You can pin various images on your pin board such as images related to sports, food, animals, flowers, celebrities, products, television shows, books, or anything that you find interesting. It is all up to you. You can “like” and “re pin” others’ photos as well.

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3 Apps to Control Your Computer with Your Android Device

Thanks to improved information and communication technology, you can now do virtually anything from your mobile device. Other than creating and sending application files such as word, excel and PowerPoint from your mobile device, you can now be able to monitor and control your CCTV camera.

But perhaps the biggest breakthrough is the ability to control your PC from your android device. This feature can be achieved by downloading and installing apps such as PhoneMyPC, LogMeIn Ignition and Gmote amongst others on your android device. Listed below are some of the apps that you can install in your android device to control your PC.

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