10 Useful Social Media Articles of Mid June 2010


Roundup of 10 useful Social Media articles of Mid June 2010.

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  • "Your business needs a killer social media strategy. In order to tap the potential of this fabulous marketing tool, you’ll want to first determine if social media can meet your goals and objectives. If you’re still figuring out your marketing plan for 2010, consider the following 10 reasons why a social media strategy may be well worth the effort."

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  • "When you audit your social presence, you will be able to make better business decisions when it comes to social media. You will be able to gather enough data from your own campaigns to help you improve your online marketing."

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  • "Douchebag kicks it up a notch. It is so negative and mean that I thought we needed something nice. We needed a social media term of endearment of some sort to make up for our transgressions."

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  • "Life for brands on Twitter is tough for sure but not “un achievable” a target, or so do I prefer to believe. And I can substantiate my stand."

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  • "One of the brightest minds in tracking and measurement is Olivier Blanchard. We were lucky enough to have him join us at our last Word of Mouth Supergenius event, where he shared a bunch of practical ways he coaches brands on how to determine the ROI of their programs."

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  • "I just don’t feel the need to compete for badges and mayorships — and not enough contacts in my personal network use it to make it a useful communication tool. However, I am intrigued by its marketing and PR potential."

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  • "But how do you make it all work together? You want to reach potential clients and establish your authority online, but what’s your plan?"

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  • "Starbucks’ current program on Foursquare may kill the goose that lays the golden eggs (or at least demonstrate how that goose may die a slow, lingering death of neglect). I believe (and I’m curious if you agree) that Starbucks’ ubiquity combined with the offer’s difficult redemption is decreasing attention for Foursquare’s other offers."

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  • "Anyone who has ever worked in corporate marketing, advertising, and branding is more than familiar with a brand style guide. It’s how we ensured that the brand was represented as intended through marketing aesthetics and messaging – including detailed usage instructions on font, style, color, language, placement, positioning, etc."

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  • Social Media is now the trend. While the majority of brands and companies are just starting to get into the phenomenon, others still ignore the power of social media because they are afraid of how to handle the impact if they get negative feedback.

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