How to Link to Your Website on Social Media Websites

Social media has exploded over the last five years. With the downfall of MySpace and the uprising of Facebook, people have been wondering how they can use their social media profiles to link back to their websites. Social media is one of the best ways to get traffic to a website or product that you are promoting. Social media is scoured by millions of people every day and websites like Digg and Twitter have made it even easier to link back to your websites. But there are a lot of problems that can actually hurt your standing with the search engines and the people that would have clicked on your link. Here are some methods that will help you properly link back to your website without being flagged as spam or seen as unnatural by viewers. Continue reading

Top 4 Tips To Change Your Business Social Media Culture


There is a fact about online companies that many people have not yet learned: you can be doing everything right, but if you are missing out on social media then you are not reaching your marketing potential.

Occasionally, you will have someone who comes out and says that having a social media strategy for your business is pointless. But they are just one of those unfortunate few that haven’t gotten on board with what is more than a trend. It is a way of operating a marketing campaign. Which is only holding them back in a market more saturated and competitive than ever before.

Still others are working that area, but aren’t doing it the right way. This ends up spending time and energy on a process that won’t yield any results. What good is that?  None at all, which is why you need to start approaching your social media culture as a major priority, to help expand your visibility and draw a wider customer base. Continue reading

The Growth of Social Media on Mobiles

The Growth of Social Media on Mobiles
Image Credit – Creative Commons

Remember when the most exciting thing you could do on a mobile phone was call someone from the loo if you wanted? These days they aren’t only one of the most widely used gadgets in the world, they’re mini computers we can fit in our pockets and do just about anything on. With the operating systems, technology and design quality we’re seeing in phones these days it’s no wonder they’ve become such powerful social tools.

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Why Google+ is NOT what you think it IS?

Google -The-Bigger-Picture

If you haven’t seen the vibe about Google+ around the web, you must have missing the real trends. Yeah take it from the hardcore geek!

Apparently the amount of misconception concerning Google+ that stems from high level persons of tech-related backgrounds are just astonishing.

The series of misconceptions forced me to write this, because they need to put an end to comparing Facebook/Twitter with Google+, and look at the big picture.

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3 Cool New Twitter Tools

As Twitter continues its indomitable march towards social media supremacy, third party developers are keen to get in on the act and capitalise on the popularity and reach of this new communications medium. By using Twitter open-source API, talented developers can piggyback on the staggering success of Twitter and attempt to grow their business in tandem with one of the fastest growing online brands in the world.

The more Twitter becomes mainstream, so do tools people use to manage their accounts. Tweetdeck and Hootsuite are arguably the two most popular Twitter-management tools out there but there are more being made all the time. These all serve different purposes and benefit anyone from casual, personal users to individuals and groups that control large business accounts.

Here are three of the newest Twitter Tools doing the rounds: Continue reading

Top 10 Tips on Doing Facebook Contests

Top 10 tips on Doing Facebook Contests

Lucie HysEditor’s Note: This article is written by Lucie Hys. At work, she is a social media specialist in travel industry. At home, social media addict, passionate blogger & the wild child ;-) Tune in to learn, laugh, and get inspired!. You can find more information at her website and twitter.


Struggling to increase the number of Facebook fans on your page? Trying to improve fan engagement? Run the Facebook contest!! If you have tried & failed, try again and this time around follow my top 10 tips list!

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Mad Men's Guide to Advertising as Marketing of Last Resort


Dino DoganEditor’s Note: Today’s fabulous topic is from “Dino Dogan” who is the landlord at DIYBlogger.NET, a writer, biker, dog trainer, singer/songwriter, and a kick-ass Martial Artist (Wait did he missed anything else). He is currently hard at work on the Human-Dog Problem Tree; a thesis in human-dog relationship. You can find him at Twitter or visit DIYBlogger.NET.



If you would like to start writing here, you can find more details and sign-up info over this page.

And this what he said:

Mad Men’s Guide to Advertising as Marketing of Last Resort

I want to share with you a long held fallacy that advertising is effective. Its not.

How can I be so sure?

The myth of advertising as an effective means of gaining new business is based on the fact that some people, in some way, at least to some extent can visibly measure the positive effect advertising has on their product.


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Best Social Media Enabled Smartphones of 2010

best social media smartphones

This is a showdown of most powerful social media enabled Smartphones which will dominate the social media scene of 2010-2011. These are the phones which will make you ultimate social media addict. Nope, iPhone is not included in this list, because it already has way too much exposure. Now it is time to give the contenders a chance to show their faces.

The elements that are mostly factor for choosing these phones are

  • Processor power range from 600 MHz and above
  • Android Platform ( with the exception of Blackberry and Symbian)
  • Social media engagement and multi tasking
  • Overall performance
  • Platform engagement such as twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Friendster, flickr

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