HTC Desire Review – Part 2 – The Interface


You’ve already been introduced to HTC Desire on the previous topic. Now, I am going to explain a bit more about Interface and UI. HTC Sense is playing together with Android 2.1 OS, giving you outstanding experience and making it way much more interactive than Google Nexus One. The interface always plays a major role in user experience and HTC Desire does that pretty well.

The layout is simple yet fully customizable. It comes with 7 home screen, 3 of them on the left another 3 on the right. You are allowed to customize these screens with widgets, icons and shortcuts. This provides an unique user experience for the user.


HTC Desire - 7 Home Screens (Leap View)

You can pinch the home screen using multi-touch will bring you to the leap view. Yes it’s another cool feature to switch between multiple screens. Just pinch and you will be able to see all the seven screens (TIP: Clicking the Home key twice also does the same thing) and switch between them.


HTC Desire has the similar widget concept of Nexus One. What makes the difference are the widgets provided by HTC on top of the Android OS 2.1.

HTC Desire - Weather Widget

The first widget you notice is the large clock with the weather data inside. The interesting part of this widget is it triangulates your location from cell tower location without actually use the GPS chip (yes that is a battery saver). The weather widget is way much more cool, the phone screen actually acts according to the weather. If it’s rainy the screen will get drops of water effect and a wiper will clear the screen. If its shiny the screen shines as well and when it’s cloudy or foggy the screen will pass over with bunch of clouds.

Here is a quick preview:

HTC Desire - Manage Widgets

Yet another benefit of having an Android system is that the widget management is simple and easy. A simple long-press will present you with the available programs and widgets, on the other hand long-press on a widget or Icon allows you to move them to different screen, location or drop them into the bin (Savvy!)

Some of the useful widgets are:

  • Favorite Friends widget: Which updates contact profiles from the phonebook and Facebook if enabled.
  • Power Manager Widget: Very useful, quickly turn on and off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Sounds, Refresh system and Screen Brightness
  • Friendstream: Connects your Facebook, twitter, plurk and flickr and aggregates the information. They are categorized too.
  • Stock Information: Stock information widget provides up to date stock info data from various sources.
  • News: A very handy, useful and customizable RSS reader and News ticker. Easily organize your news sources and feeds.

There is another cool interface addition to the phone is the Live Wallpapers (Actually it’s a part of Android OS 2.1). Even though it is really eye candy feature but I don’t use it personally cause it drains a handful amount of battery.

HTC Desire - Quick Search

In iPhone they have an option called “Spotlight” which enables you to search through the phone. The “Quick Search” does the same but more comprehensively and much more faster. It searches your contacts, messages, applications, music and so on. You can bring up “Quick Search” just pressing the search key.

Combining the cool drag and drop elements, notifications screens, widgets and changeable Scenes made the HTC Desire’s interface a simply astonishing experience.

HTC Desire - Friend Stream

Why is the interface of HTC Desire is just great? Because, it does what you want it to do.

All these interface enhancements requires powerful processing speed and that is what HTC Desire have under the hood.

Coming up next is “What is Under the Hood of HTC Desire?

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