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January 31, 2008

Clear All Requests Option for FaceBook

Sometimes it’s so annoying to see too many requests and all you can do to prevent that is to press ignore each one of them or go to the application and block it which is a painful process. Recently came up with their javascript based browser bookmarklet that will click on all the ignore buttons on the requests page. So now Facebook introduces “Clear All” option if you have more than 25 requests on your request page.

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January 26, 2008

Site testing with Multiple Web Browser

how you should test your site with multiple browsers. You will found out that the most problems comes from Internet Explorer rendering of sites. Internet Explorer tends not to follow the W3C web standards for browser rendering. Yes I know you can put few on your system but there is a huge rendering gap between Internet Explorer 6 and 7. So how you want to test using IE6 and IE7 in the same machine. Well you can’t Install all of them together cause they are using same DLL names and libraries. Technology has the advantage to give solutions in this situations.

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September 29, 2007

WordPress 2.3 Tag Support for Windows Live Writer

It’s fun and easy to make blog posts from Windows Live Writer. Now is supports a wide range of popular blogging platforms including WordPress 2.3. However the support to post tags while blogging is not enabled by default. Wordpress 2.3 has built in tag support similar as Ultimate Tag Warrior Plugin for wordpress. There are something needed to be done to enable the support to add tags while you post blog entries from Windows Live Writer. Windows Live Writer (WLW) uses an XML manifest file to determine what features a blog supports. By default it does a good job supporting WordPress without a manifest file, but that doesn’t include support to mt_keywords (tagging) in XML-RPC methods. The included manifest file turns on tagging support in WLW.

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